Massimo Alba inspired by Isola longa

Colors of summer, the sky, sea, bushes and flowers at sunrise and sunset are depicted on this chart.
Summer colors mixed with each other, coming closer they become friends.
My favorite fibers in Summer are natural. They are linen for the lightest shirts, never ironed. They are the most elegant, the ones for men on the road.
It’s the white shirt we should all take with us on vacation. And then there are cotton voiles. It is a lightweight, impalpable fabric. They are yarn-dyed
or printed made in pale, very light colors: light blue, pink, green.
We designed them with irregular tone-on-tone stripes. There are Jaquard cotton shirts on a white, blue and light blue base. The most beloved, desired ones are.
in silk and cotton Egadi. Watercolors are by Andrea Mancini.