No place is like Isola Longa. The deep white of the salt, the sacred soul of the sea, slowly emerges between the blue and pink pools. Solitary, the mills invite to silence. Our need for harmony is recomposed between the beaches bordered by colored oleanders and the fragrant shadows of the forest. Find ourselves. An ancient, maternal experience on a real island … “ DAVIDE RAMPELLO

We have created a unique experience to enjoy this still unspoiled and wild strip of land.

An excursion to a private island of 500 hectares nestled in the splendid archipelago of the Stagnone nature reserve, discovered by the Phoenicians over 3000 years ago, uninhabited for more than 100 years, with its unspoiled and wild but above all authentic nature.

From the shallow and sandy waters of the Stagnone you arrive at Isola Lunga among breathtaking landscapes that blend into the sea, sky, islands on the horizon, salt marshes and traces of a rural and native life, mysterious and suspended in time: an island that since the 15th century has become a magical place of moving beauty.

A day of indescribable beauty in a dream place!


Reservations recommended within 48 hours of the visit

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